The Leadership Studies Program continues to grow and expand in enrollment and course offerings. The Capstone course, a requirement to obtain a minor in the Program, has recently been transformed.  To prepare students with cultural awareness and valuable leadership skills, simulations and service learning “Action Projects” have been added, Additionally, new content on facilitation, negotiation, conflict management and creative problem solving were included.  Throughout our history, Leadership Studies alumni and friends have stepped forward to assist our mission by providing private resources.  Each donation has allowed us to do our best work and enhance the quality experience of our students for the greater usefulness of tomorrow.  To maintain our best work we need your continued allegiance so please consider making a financial contribution in support of one of the following areas. 

Undergraduate Scholarships

The Program has many academically gifted and talented undergraduate students.  Each new scholarship fund will provide Leadership Studies the capability to reward and nurture the accomplishments of their outstanding students. 

Student Enrichment Opportunities 

Education goes well beyond the traditional classroom.  Participation in regional, national, and international conferences, specialized internships or the ability to travel abroad are just a few of the opportunities which enhance the educational experience.  Regretfully, many students are denied this type of expertise due to financial concerns. 

Study Abroad Opportunities

Faculty members in Leadership Studies are committed to developing and leading groups of students to international destinations to foster diverse perspectives on leadership and cultures.  In the past, our faculty have taken students to the Middle East, India, and Northern Ireland for study abroad course-credit in Leadership Studies. It would be a transformative experience if all students in the program were able to study abroad for at least one week during their college careers.