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Emma G. Noe Scholarship

The Emma G. Noe Scholarship was established to support students studying leadership through the Leadership Studies program in the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences at West Virginia University. There are two options for this award:

1. Emma G. Noe Need-Based Scholarship: Designed for students who demonstrate financial need, scholarships will be awarded to students whose eligibility will be verified through the WVU Office of Financial Aid. 

2. The Emma G. Noe Academic Enrichment Award: Designed for students as an enrichment award, this option is not dependent on a student's financial need. This award may be used for leadership enrichment opportunities proposed by students, such as: participation in workshops and research projects, study abroad, public service and service learning activities, and travel to professional meetings and conferences.

Selection for either award will be based on merit and the integrity of the submitted proposal.

In determining the recipients, the Emma G. Noe Scholarship Committee shall consider the following:

  • Current scholarly performance in major and overall studies
  • An active interest in leadership

Selection Criteria:

  • Must be an undergraduate student who is pursuing the minor in Leadership Studies in the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences at West Virginia University 
  • Must have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 at the time of application

The Emma G. Noe Need-Based Scholarship and the Emma G. Noe Academic Enrichment Award will both be considered on a rolling basis.

Students may apply by clicking the button below:

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