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Undergraduate Minor

Our interdisciplinary minor is designed to complement any academic major. Students are part of a group committed to leading change through hands-on experiences and academic opportunities. They explore the cultural and contextual factors that influence behavior, decision making and institutional structures. Learners have an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through a community-focused action project or work-related case. Critical reflection, case study analysis, group problem-solving and experiential activities enable students to be creative and collaborative for a better tomorrow.

Our courses will equip you to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of leadership theories/approaches
  • Apply leadership and followership approaches to analyze and evaluate the ethical implications of leadership practices
  • Practice skills essential to the leadership process through classroom discussion and experiential learning
  • Analyze how identity and culture impacts leadership in the U.S. and abroad


  • Principles of Leadership – LDR 201
  • Problems in Leadership – LDR 301
  • Leadership in Action – LDR 401


  • Women and Leadership – LDR 435
  • Intersections in Leadership – LDR 445

Student spotlight

Hailee Elza


Hailee Elza standing outside
Hailee Elza has always had a passion for learning and leading. Her favorite part of the minor is the opportunity to network with professionals in many different industries. She experienced this in Ottawa, Canada, where she traveled as a junior to present at an international leadership conference.

“I expanded my knowledge and network in the leadership field and presented on how to apply leadership theories to solve climate migration,” she says. “I met leadership authors and theorists and interacted with students from across the nation. It was an amazing opportunity full of theory expansion and exploration.”

After graduation, Hailee aspires to a management career in a large company that follows sustainable practices.

“I am passionate about environmental sustainability and plan to apply my leadership skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on others and the Earth. My minor has prepared me to be successful in the future because I have learned the many ways to lead others and how followers should behave in certain situations. I enjoy learning and improving my skills and I plan to continue doing so in my future career.”