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Helen E. Almasy Academic Enrichment Award

The Helen E. Almasy Academic Enrichment Award supports undergraduate and graduate female students in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences who are pursuing a major, minor, or certificate in the programs offered by the Center for Women's and Gender Studies or the Leadership Studies Program.

The Helen E. Almasy Enrichment Award was created by Dean Emeritus of the Eberly College and Emeritus Professor of English, Dr. Rudolph P. Almasy in honor of his wife Helen. This award is designed to recognize, encourage, and support the leadership, mentoring ability, and management skills for students who seek to enrich their educational opportunities.   

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Female students either undergraduate or graduate, who are majoring or minoring in programs offered by the Center for Women's and Gender Studies or Leadership Studies Program. 
  2. Must provide a resume or vita that includes leadership, mentoring and/or management experiences.
  3. Must provide a one-page project proposal that is likely to fulfill the Helen E. Almasy Academic Enrichment  Award goals. This summary should include information on the activity and how it will support the further development of leadership and mentoring skills of not only the applicant, but others as well. 
  4. Must provide a timeline for the activity or activities and expected outcome.
  5. Must provide a supporting statement from a faculty member (including emeriti) or staff mentor who has reviewed the letter of request for the Helen E. Almasy Academic Enrichment Award. 
    1. I f the award is to be used in ways that involve faculty support, the faculty support letter should address the role of the faculty member.
  6. Award funding must be used within 12 months of receiving the award.

Supported Activities

Areas of activity applicable to this award include but are not limited to:
  1. Attending a leadership conference, workshop, or presentation.
  2. Working on a campaign of some sort with an appropriate non-profit organization.
  3. Organizing an event at West Virginia University or elsewhere.
  4. Undertaking a relevant leadership project.
  5. Volunteering where one's leadership and mentoring skills should be utilized.
  6. Pursuing an internship or coaching opportunities.
  7. Enrolling in relevant academic offerings (e.g. workshop or retreat for skills development). 

Students may apply by clicking the button below:

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